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The Govmark Organization has been a trusted name in the fire testing industry since 1971, and recently decided that its brand needed to undergo a refreshing. They came to ZDI seeking to effect a smooth transition with a new look, a new Web site and a series of new videos to promote their operation. A vital instruction and parameter for the refresh was for us to maintain the basic look of their current logo, which enjoyed a strong and positive reputation within the industry. A specific strategic goal was to present to the market a client-oriented online resource that would facilitate the fire testing process, generate business and give them an edge with competitors.

Brand Refresh

Maintaining the equity and goodwill invested in the existing brand, the refresh involved simplifying the company brand to “Govmark”. The unique and identifiable “weave” logo mark was an element the client wished to carry over, and it became a focal point of the new logo.


A series of colorful icons were developed as a system to visually represent the core services that Govmark offered.

Style Guide

To ensure that the new logo and branding elements were utilized consistently across a variety of media, a comprehensive style guide was created. Instructions give details on how the brand can be applied to print, Web, application development, social media and other platforms.

Brand Refresh - Style Guide

Web Development

Responsive Design

More than just an informational Web site, the Govmark site serves as a resource of downloadable content for existing customers. These customers are generally groups and individuals in the flame testing industry that are onsite or on the move and, as such, would be accessing the necessary content through a variety of devices. Responsive design ensures that the required resources are available to the user anytime, no matter where they are or what technology is being used.

Responsive Website

User Friendly Interface

Not being able to get what they need when they need it is frustrating to users and customers and, more vitally, costly to companies and organizations, so a user-friendly UX is a must. Clear navigation, organized content and an intuitive interface all ensure that users can access what they need quickly and without disrupting their work flow.

Responsive Website

Information Resources

Clients in need of fire testing services have a specific set of informational needs, and the Web site was designed to get them the answers they seek. Test lists organized by industry, credit card payment forms, and comprehensive order forms make it easy for Govmark to get its products ready for testing.

Video Production

Video Production

One of the showcase features of the site are the custom videos produced by ZDI to highlight what Govmark offers. Conceived, written, produced, directed, shot and edited by the ZDI team, the videos enable Govmark to put a human touch on its services, providing customers with a revealing look into its operation and displaying the professionalism and expertise for which Govmark is known and respected.

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