Westbury Manor

For Westbury Manor, ZDI created a cohesive web experience that showcases the historic, Gold Coast charm of their wedding venue while integrating a natural sales funnel with information about all of the unique qualities of the Manor. We developed an engaging website that invites prospective clients to build a wedding package on the website that guides the user through the wedding planning process, creating a robust, actionable sales funnel. The website features original videography, produced by the ZDI team for Westbury Manor's "Make the Manor Your Own" commercial TV spots, along with accompanying photography.

The theme of the package builder campaign, "Make the Manor Uniquely Yours," emphasizes the diversity of Westbury Manor couples, both in taste and demographics, highlighting the voluminous ways in which the Manor serves as the perfect backdrop to any wedding. The campaign works across Email Marketing, Social SEM, and Print Ads, creating a unified Call to Action across these various marketing verticals. Once booked, wedding clients are encouraged to use the custom-coded Wedding Planner app, developed by ZDI.