Response Crisis Center

ZDI developed a full brand exploration for Response Crisis Center, a local nonprofit organization. As a team, we love the opportunity to help nonprofits amplify their presence with smart design, branding, and web experience. Through our exploration, we designed a logo that reflects a natural evolution from their previous logo. Their new logo is dynamic, modern, and scalable across media, including web, print collateral, apparel, and merchandise. For a crisis center, it is important for their website to have accessible information that clearly communicates their message and hotline information. ZDI developed their website to be user-friendly and engaging for hotline callers, potential volunteers, and donors alike, creating natural funnels for callers and donations. The website features custom iconography.

Among many marketing initiatives, ZDI strategized and developed several digital fundraising campaigns that encourage donors to contribute money to the Response organization. These campaigns were launched across email marketing, social organic posts, and social paid ads.