Big Daddy's

Big Daddy’s, a local cajun-inspired restaurant, needed a refresh for their beloved brand identity. The challenge for us was taking a locally-known logo and reinvigorating it without losing its brand recognition. Our team delivered a refreshed logo that is still instantly recognizable and true to the Big Daddy’s brand while integrating new elements that emphasize their New Orleans-inspired aesthetic. Through the full brand exploration, ZDI developed several variations and new characters that are scalable for a multitude of purposes from digital, print, merchandise, and signage, as seen in the print collateral, apparel, sign, & display designed by our team.

For their website, Big Daddy’s needed a complete overhaul of their web presence. The website was developed to effectively communicate their menu offerings, special events, catering services, and make online ordering and reservations a user-friendly experience. The website features original photography produced by the ZDI team. We developed actionable Social SEM campaigns that will drive local customers to the site and to the restaurant.