It's the Busiest Season for Brands - Make Sure Yours Isn't Missed

Smart Marketing During the Holiday Season

Over the next 4-6 weeks, every brand will be competing for share of wallet. Whether it’s a retailer selling customers cars or apparel, or restaurants inviting them in for holiday meals, every consumer with an email address, a browser, or a social media account is going to be bombarded.

By taking a few simple steps, you can make sure that your brand’s messages don’t disappear and that you remain top of mind, in their feed and their inbox.

Get to the point.

People’s time is at a premium and their attention spans are short. Lead with your offer, showcase your product when applicable, and keep the copy short. If they’re giving you their precious time, give them something to quickly react to and use a strong call to action.

Retarget effectively.

Retargeting allows you to waste fewer impressions and focus on prospects and customers who have shown an interest in your brand and visited your site. You can leverage email and display to show those who have left their carts behind or have left your site the products or services they’ve shown an interest in.

Time it right.

When you deploy is as important as what you deploy. For example, the day before black Friday and cyber Monday are good times to email prospects or remind former or current customers about your sale. A week before is too soon and the day of is too late.

Battling for holiday shopping dollars isn’t easy but by taking the right steps, you can make sure you get your message to the right people with the right message when it matters.