Drive Better Results With Real Data-Driven Marketing

Building audiences and segments with data to better connect with prospects wherever they are.

Let’s start with the obvious. Google ads have their place. Even as they move away from cookies, the usual suspects like social and google ads are an important part of the marketing mix.

But again, with cookies on the way out and no proposed means of replacing them, data is once again king. 1st, 2nd, 3rd party – and some combination of all of them – are critical if you’re looking to engage a specific audience segment or set of prospects. And no one channel is the channel anymore – an integrated digital approach is more important now than ever. As viewers continue to migrate from linear, traditional TV viewing to streaming, CTV and OTT are new and emerging as channels for both b2c and b2b.

Move Over Big Data.

For a long time, everyone talked about big data. And that was the problem. Big is complex. Increasingly the focus has moved to leveraging data to build segments and smaller sub segments that are better reached on every channel with intent data and results-based learning. Carpet bombing them with display ads won’t get it done. You need a complete identity profile and one that includes IP, location and device data. Targeting a household will offer a level of detail and accuracy far greater than targeting a zip code. For example, just because a given area has a high HHI doesn’t mean they want or should be served the same ad. One family on a given street might be in need of a minivan to haul around their 3 kids while the empty nesters next door might finally be ready for that 2-seat sports car.

Make Sure Your Strategy Is Fresh.

While traditional display continues to be part of what we offer our clients, we also leverage our data and media partners to build strategic, cross-channel plans that allow you to reach the right prospect at the right time on the right device. From social and email to display and CTV, the more opportunities you have to use the right data to reach them.  People aren’t consuming or reacting to content and advertising in the same way they used to, but most agencies are still planning and executing like it’s 1999. It’s time we all did a little better.