6 Ways A New Website Will Help Your Business Succeed in 2020

Now is the Time for a Dynamic Refresh to Your Website

Welp. We’re six months in and 2020 sure seems like a bust, huh? With major political upheaval at the beginning of the year, a pandemic, MURDER HORNETS, constantly muting your friends & family on social media… seems like we should just throw in the towel and start fresh with a new year, right? Not so fast! Now, more than ever before, is THE time to take stock and consider positive changes you can do for yourself and your business. Chief among your considerations should be a new website for your company. We will lay out exactly why:

1.) More commerce will be taking place online, plain and simple

With the COVID-19 crisis & subsequent phases and protocols, people will be naturally less inclined to shop in stores & come into brick-and-mortar establishments for meetings. Whether you need to pivot to an e-commerce solution or showcase your establishment, providing an easy to use digital experience to your customers will give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Your website is not just a brochure, it’s a conversion funnel meant to lead your target market to becoming a valuable customer or client. Take this opportunity to get your business to the next level and reach new customers online.

2.) Mobile users are the majority of web traffic

Now more than ever has the amount of browsing been on a mobile device. Is your website optimized for this mobile? Do not miss out on valuable business because your website is difficult to navigate on a mobile device. A mobile-responsive website is key in our current environment. Anything less will be a frustrating experience for your clients. You want a website that has been designed with mobile experience at the forefront.

3.) It’s an affordable investment in your future growth

We’re not saying it’s going to be cheap, but if you think about return-on-investment, a new website is one of the more affordable ways for your business to grow. Short of a more costly media buy such as a TV commercial, a new website is probably the most cost effective strategy for reaching your target market in this current environment.

4.) Security & Compliance standards are in constant flux

Technology & security standards are changing rapidly and your customers are becoming more savvy about the security of their own data. The security of your website is critical for building trust with your customer & the omnipotent search engines. That’s right, your website’s SEO is affected by whether your website is marked unsecure by search engine algorithms. Get a boost in rankings while communicating that you care about your clients’ digital privacy. A new website will be coded with SSL encryption and will be compliant with the newest regulations & guidelines with accessibility at the forefront.

5.) You’re a grown-up and you need a grown-up website

DIY & cookie cutters are for the Home & Garden channel, not your business’s website. Those templated websites are fine when you don’t have the resources to do any better, but you should stop forcing your business into someone else’s box. It’s time for your business to have its own custom digital experience built on the dialogue between you and a seasoned web developer (us!). March into the new decade armed with the best digital representation of yourself.

6.) Your website likely doesn’t reflect the different world we’re living in

It’s a new world we’re living in and your old website probably looks older & older by the day. Your website is a living, breathing thing and should be developed with scalability in mind. Diversity, digital savvy, & accessibility are the current trends that will set us forth into the new decade. Partner with a web developer who will grow with you in this dynamic time we’re living in.

Let us know about if it’s time to pivot and use this moment to declutter and clarify your vision on a new website. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your current needs and plans for growth!