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Video Production & Graphics

Affordable HD Video Production with Extraordinary Results

Show and tell isn't just for kids — showing off your company's best work with top quality video production and motion graphics is a great way to get noticed. Whether you're interested in live action or animation, our creative team will work with you to realize your vision using the latest technology.

Video Production and Graphics - Content Management

Concept Development

Maybe you have an idea that you need a little help with, or maybe you just know you need a video but have no idea what it should be. Let ZDI do the heavy lifting. We will clarify the requirements of your project, generate original ideas based on your input, and find a concept that you’ll love. Whether you want to tell a story, promote goods or services, or just grab some attention, ZDI can deliver what you need.

Video Production and Graphics - Content Management

Storyboarding & Script Development

Discussing a concept initially can be exciting, but it will be necessary to convert those ideas into tangible images and motion. Understanding how those images will work and flow together before production begins is invaluable. Creating shot-by-shot storyboards, along with a tightly integrated script, provides a mental picture of the completed project and will help identify problems with composition, story pacing, shoot location, logistics and equipment, and other issues.

Video Production and Graphics - Content Management


It’s showtime! Whether on location, in-studio, or on a desktop, our crew of directors, producers and animators will bring the project into full HD reality. We coordinate all details of the shoot with the necessary parties, acquire permits, maintain organization and keep the shoot on track.

Video Production and Graphics - Content Management

HD Videography

A great meal requires great ingredients. That’s why all of our productions are filmed in High Definition video with state-of-the-art equipment. By keeping a project in HD throughout the capture and edit process we ensure all footage will be broadcast quality, even when the project doesn’t call for it.

Video Production and Graphics - Content Management

Graphics & Animation

Animation can be used to accent a video production, or a project can fully consist of animated visuals. Either way, ZDI has you covered. Let us create customized lower thirds, transitions, and other elements for your project to create a unified visual experience, or set our animators loose to develop a completely animated video. Whatever visual you have in mind, if we can’t film it we sure as hell can animate it!

Video Production and Graphics - Content Management

Post Production

Shooting is the easy part. It’s the editing process that creates the final cut, and our team of editors can make miracles happen. Timing and pacing is perfected, sound and music is added, the final voice over is recorded and implemented, special effects are designed, and all other aspects of the video are finalized. What’s left is a polished video gem, somehow surpassing the expectations of everyone involved, including ourselves!

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The Development Process

Video Production and Graphics - The Development Process

Determine Scope

We begin with a meeting to establish the goals and parameters of the project, and gives the client a chance to share their intitial vision. This scope meeting will allow us to determine the reuirements of the production, the target audience, the tone of the production, the budget range and availability of resources. Having a face-to-face sit down is great opportunity to brainstorm and throw ideas around, allowing for a creative collaborative experience.

Video Production and Graphics - The Development Process

Script & Concept Development

The concept for the production is established and refined. Ideas are weighed, enhanced or rejected. Information is gathered through research and client interviews, and a rough script is written and then refined through a back and forth with the client to make sure everyone is one the same page and all content is accurate, compelling and on point.

Video Production and Graphics - The Development Process


With the script in place, the production team begins planning the visuals. Shot by shot storyboards are created to establish a consistent vision for the entire creative team to follow. The storyboards allow the director to identify potential issues with location, required equipment, shooting or animation schedules and other considerations. Best of all, clients get a look at the full project, and can give input before the first frame is shot.

Video Production and Graphics - The Development Process


Once the scripts and storyboards are finalized, our team begins the many aspects of pre-production: scouting locations, acquiring permits, organizing schedules, procuring all necessary equipment and hiring the needed talent. If a video shoot is planned, the director will go over the details of the shoot with his crew, and issues are solved beforehand. Animators use pre-production for testing new animation techniques and establishing the visual style of the project.

Video Production and Graphics - The Development Process

Video & Film Production

With comprehensive planning and an experienced team, production begins. Audio, lighting and equipment is set up as planned in pre-production. The environment is evaluated (weather, traffic, noise) and adjustments are made as necessary. Efficient use of time and resources is key to a successful shoot, as well as a creative team that knows how to solve problems quickly as they arise.

Video Production and Graphics - The Development Process

Editing, Graphics & Post-Production

Now the magic happens. Not all footage ends up as great in reality as it did one paper. Likewise, magic moments may have been captured that werent in the orignal script. The editing process puts it all together, creating a cohesive, compelling experience that usually surpasses initial expectations. The initial rough cut is sent to the client, and adjustments are made as necessary until the final project is ready to go public.

Video Graphics & Animation

Video graphics and animation can help create the “wow” factor that will get your project noticed. They enhance the message in your presentations, demanding attention with eye-catching visuals and helping to create or reinforce a project’s “brand”. Animation can also be used to effectively illustrate a concept or convey complicated information in an easy to understand way.

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