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Fortifying an Emotional Connection with Your Users

At ZDI, we build from the brand up. Together we will create a strategy that clearly conveys your brand’s message using the same voice, look, and tone across all channels while tailoring your message to each of them. Everything we create fits into your brand’s business plan and the big picture, ensuring that these visual and verbal assets are integrated across your entire marketing platform. With new media evolving all the time, we translate the brand to each medium so you're always engaging your customers with the same voice, look and tone, while being aware of what's appropriate in each channel.

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Logo Mark Design

Your brand is more than just a name and a pretty symbol, it's a client's first impression of an ongoing identifier for your company. With years of creative strategy and brand development experience ZDI creates logos and brand marks that elegantly combine form and function into a comprehensive and memorable corporate identity.


Brand Development

ZDI's creative brand development services are unparalleled; we can confidently say that we are Long Island, New York’s premier branding agency and have the portfolio to prove it. We have a proven track record with brand architecture; our logos are designed to be durable and timeless. Of all the things that change throughout the course of your company's life span, your logo and brand should not be one of them.


Research & Name Exploration

What's in a name? A lot. Your name is the client's first impression of your company. It can tell them if you are a large traditional business or an energetic young start-up, a no-nonsense organization or a fun, creative agency. It sets the tone for their interaction with your company and tells them right from the start what kind of company you are. Researching a unique and effective name can be a challenging endeavor in and of itself, and one that ZDI excels at.


Branding Systems

Developing a branding system allows you to create a strategy for presenting your identity across a variety of media and materials to form a deeper emotional bond with the company and grow customer loyalty. Knowing how the brand is presented on stationary, business cards, print materials and other peripherals will strengthen the brand. Entire visual languages can be created utilizing iconography and other elements to expand your brand beyond a simple corporate identity.


Style Guidelines

It's your brand and you can do what you want with it, but if you need a little assistance on how to use it a style guidelines might be the thing for you. A style guideline is an instruction manual on how to present your brand consistently and effectively, what to do with it, and what not to do. The guidelines contain suggestions on how your brand should appear in print, on the web or in oversize signage, as well as typography guidelines and supplemental iconography systems.


Messaging & Integration

Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed and language used in your content. It's what makes clients relate to your brand by inspiring them, persuading them, motivating them, and ultimately making them want to buy your product. Clear, informative messaging will tell prospective clients that you are honest, direct, and know your product and make them want to do business.

Some of Our Recent Brands

The Development Process

The Development Process - Creative Brief

Creative Brief

Whether you have a vision for your company's identity or you need our assistance, the first step is the client brief. Our team will meet with you to learn your goals, listen to your ideas, and determine the direction you want your brand to go. Establishing the needs of the brand is important to cresting a compelling and appropriate identity.

The Development Process - Brand Research

Brand Research

Regardless of the size of the company or the requirements of the industry, research and planning are crucial to an effective branding strategy. Your brand needs communicate who you are effectively and stand out. Our research into branding trends in your industry and knowing what your competitors are doing will ensure that you create a unique and compelling brand.

The Development Process - Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging

Our copywriters will start with an interview to gather everything you want to say, accomplish, and stand for. When combined with earlier research this allows us to identify the perspectives of the groups that matter to your company: the customer's, the marketplace's , and your own company's internal perspective. It is in relation to these groups that we fashion your message, narrowing the focus and finding out where your brand should live.

The Development Process - Name Exploration

Name Exploration

Our team looks at the goals, abilities and philosophy of your company and identifies it's central attributes, which are then tied together in a single symbol, whether that symbol is a word, a concept, a person, a place, or anything else that creates the appropriate emotional bond with your target audience. Several rounds of exploration may be necessary, but the end result is a name that embodies, clarifies and enhances your product.

The Development Process - Type and Mark Design

Type & Mark Design

Much like the name itself, the visual presentation of your identity communicates a great deal about your company. Intelligence, professionalism, humor, competency, tradition, taste... all these things can be communicated with a simple logo mark. Utilizing our research our team will develop several visual concepts that will project the image you want, creating a mark that is unique and effective. We aren't done until we have something you want to tattoo on your back.

The Development Process - System Development

System Development

A graphic system that complements the logo and identity of the company is created so the brand is supported across different types of media. The system includes color palettes, shapes, graphic styles, iconography, photography, and other accompanying artwork that becomes associated with your company. Several examples are provided you until we decide on the final “look”, finally creating a rock-solid brand.

The Development Process - Brand Application

Brand Application

Even with an established brand, presenting your public image effectively can be a challenge. Creating marketing campaigns requires the consideration of dozens of factors, including location, point of sale, demographics and audience exposure. Print collateral, promotional items, special events and supplemental materials can all be utilized as platforms for your brand. ZDI will show you how to market your brand and maintain a professional presentation.

The Development Process - Style Guide Creation

Style Guide Creation

Our team will put together a multi-page document that illustrates the dos and don'ts of your new brand. The detailed guidelines will provide the rules for proper color usage, minimum sizes allowed, correct and incorrect usage of the logo, logo variations, and a wealth of other information that ensures the brand is maintained across various media, including print and web.

The Development Process - Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

There is more to a brand than just a name and a logo. A brand is an ongoing process that your customers are a part of. More than just a visual identify, it is the crafting of how your audience perceives your company. ZDI can show you how to build your brand even further, using social media, Google ad words, and a host of other options that will improve your brand awareness and create something that clients will grow to trust and love.

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