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Scripps Networks Interactive is leading developer of lifestyle media content, and their umbrella covers several well known brands including HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Travel Channel and others. Having established a long running relationship with Scripps, ZDI is proud to have collaborated with a number of producers affiliated with the network, honing their creative visions and bringing their ideas to the screen. Each project entails a number of stages, beginning with the initial branding based on the producer’s input, creating a solid title, animating the title open, extending the branding into in-show graphic packages, and providing all materials for broadcast.

Branding Development

Translating a producer’s concept for a show into a visual identify is one of the most exciting things about the branding process. In the case of “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish”, the goal was to combine the urban, street-wise image of the star of the show with the rural Amish community which he would be visiting. With a number of other shows already on-air, Vanilla Ice already had a style of branding associated with his identity, and a number of directions were explored which attempted to evoke this. At the same time, we began incorporating elements suggesting the Amish area where Vanilla Ice would be living. One common sight in these communities is the caution signs alerting automobiles to the presence of horse drawn buggies, a common mode of transportation among hte Amish. This seemed a good way to visually represent Vanilla’s status as an outsider. To give the symbol a “Vanilla Edge”, we decided to show how Vanilla might customize his own buggy, with a flaming paint job and chrome rims. Typography was a combination of the edgy amd the classic, suggesting both the modern world of Vanilla, and the Old World origins of the Amish.

TV Brand & Show Opening Animation

If time is the fourth dimension, all branded logos need to be conceived in 4D. They cannot remain static creations, but must utilize action, depth and dynamic motion to maintain visual interest when on screen. Title animations allow us to expand the brand by using motion to tell the story in a way a simple image can’t easily do. Motion can communicate excitement, playfulness, seriousness, anxiety, or virtually any other emotion. Motion sets the tone for a show as effectively and as importantly as color, texture, typography or any other aspect of design.

Click any of the images below to view a few of our sample title animations:

Full Graphic Packages/Kits

To maintain the look of a show, the brand must be extended to all graphics, including lower thirds, information boxes, logo bugs and transitions. A successful brand should allow the viewer to immediately identify the show regardless of the graphic element currently on screen. All graphics combine to present a unified presentation that immerses the viewer in the “world” that is the show. The graphics must remain versatile to accomodate the changing content for each epsiode of the show. ZDI will provide a complete kit of graphics to the editors, along with a comprehensive style guide outlining the proper use of all elements.

In Show Graphics

In addition to standard graphic packages, some shows present in-show graphics to illustrate different aspects of the show, or in some cases become a central part of the concept for the show. 3D animations, animated schematics, animated inspiration boards, website screens, moving illustrations or sketches... just about any relevant visual can be animated to enhance the viewer’s understanding or to create a more immersive experience for the audience.

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