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Achieve It Solutions is an international provider of SAP business software solutions. Their primary goal when coming to ZDI was to rebrand the company by replacing their dated and ineffective logo with a more modern and appealing one. A new Web site was needed as well to promote the new brand, provide visitors with a clear understanding of Achieve It Solutions’ capabilities, and to promote the three main software products that comprise the backbone of the company. The business objectives of the Web site would be to educate visitors of the scope of the company, familiarize them with its core software solutions, and generate sales by provoking greater client interest and interaction. In other words, to make every impression count.

Building The Brand

Establishing The East Wind logo mark was the first step, since this primary visual asset would set the entire tone for the brand. We explored multiple directions and styles with the client, collaborating hand-in-hand to find the ideal balance between the vital tradition the brand had enjoyed to date and the new modern direction they wanted the organization to pursue.

Furthermore, the client’s three core products each needed their own independent and standalone sub-brands, but it was vital that they all related to each other as well as to the umbrella brand. With that key brand strategy in mind, the primary Achieve It logo was designed, as well as its sister logos, and all along similar lines: incorporating the same use of color gradients and typography to ensure brand family consistency.

Website Development


Once all content is gathered, extensive wireframing of the entire Web site provides the client with a clear look at the structure of the site. This allows for the development of logical and intuitive navigation as well as strategic sales funneling throughout the site. Wireframing also provides ample opportunity to make any necessary changes before moving into the design phase.

Responsive Design

Just as the size of your viewer’s screen can change, so, too, can the content of the site. Responsive design allows the Web site to present the best experience to the viewer every time, one that is based on the specific device, thus ensuring that the site remains equally effective regardless of what platform it is being viewed on. We call this platform-agnostic design.

Iconography & Visual Organization

A family of icons was developed for the Web site to enhance the user experience and to visually organize the capabilities of each Achieve It product. Iconography provides an engaging and instinctively understood visual tool for customers to immediately familiarize themselves with the software without having to digest endless pages of dense text.

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Customer Engagement

Every company has a unique approach to its market, and solutions need to be customized to align with business plans. When prospects are looking for software solutions, they will have a million questions that can’t be answered by a single Web site alone.

A stated goal of the Achieve It site was to promote greater customer interaction. One way we achieved this was to connect potential clients with an experienced representative online — and expert who could evaluate customer needs, answer questions and better address their concerns.

Social Engagement

Working hand-in-hand to complement the one-on-one client interaction online, the Web deployment for Achieve It also included creating a dialog with current and potential clientele on social media, including a buzz-generating Twitter presence, video presentation on YouTube, as well as adding a mini-site on Facebook. The communication and community-building goals of our customer engagement and social media initiatives were in line with our overall business objective: make every impression count.

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