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Bliss In A Bottle

Rasasvada Botanics

With the goal of formulating a better CBD product, pharmacist Jonathan Sholder founded Rasasvada with his patients’ various physical and psychological needs in mind. Borrowing the Sanskrit word meaning “a taste of bliss,” Rasasvada endeavors to help all of its patients attain a sense of physical and mental peace. Operating in a rapidly growing market and catering to the insatiable demand for natural wellness remedies, Rasasvada garners trust by offering a line of CBD products formulated by a medical professional.

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Professionally Formulated. Natural Sourced.

Being one of the rare CBD brands that is owned and developed by a licensed pharmacist, the Rasasvada identity needed to champion its unique medical foundation. By combining the strengths from both the medicinal and the holistic fields, Rasasvada stands out in the crowded wellness market. Our logo design reflects both of these elements with a natural color scheme and delicate yet clear iconography and text.

Standing Apart From The Rest

Clear and precise labeling was also a must to convey the necessary information the law requires for CBD medication. The overall design process was a balancing act of creating an aesthetically pleasing package while making the important information accessible to consumers. The finished packaging conveys a credible and therapeutic look and feel, setting it apart in a sea of competing brands.

A Growing Brand Spreading Wellness

ZDI also designed an appealing system of print collateral for both pharmacies and consumers to educate themselves on the healing properties of CBD. The suite of print collateral includes brochures, folders, postcards, and sell sheets. The business card design truly champions the brand by setting the logo in silver foil against a UV printed patterned background. Most importantly, the print collateral is an effective and accessible system of information for Rasasvada’s target markets.

Clean. Green. Lean. 

Accessible, engaging logo systems and text will make this blissful therapeutic CBD product a standout in its market while centering on its basis of professionalism and trust.  

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