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A Brand, A ‘Beat’ Better

A Brand, A ‘Beat’ Better:

Response Crisis Center

For over 45 years, Response Crisis Center has been helping our community cope with crisis by offering thousands of Long Islanders 24-hour suicide hotline support services, crisis counseling, and community education programs. We partnered with Response Crisis Center to explore and update their brand for the evolving digital age; bringing them up to speed with the evolution of meaningful brand identities in culture, technology, and social media. 

Lending A Helping Brand

Although Response Crisis Center’s mission was clear, they needed help transforming their brand identity to appeal to the needs of a wider demographic. Their brand needed to convey meaning and awareness both socially and technologically, and become indicative of the integrity of Response Crisis Center. Conceptually, Response Crisis Center’s re-branding results were to reinforce their name as the trusted leader of suicide prevention, counseling and training on Long Island, New York. 

Their previous brand represented a small group of passionate individuals devoted to their community, but lacked in current digital advancements and user experience. In order to secure Response’s efforts as a trusted leader for crisis and suicide awareness in both the county and the state, their brand had to be revived, their user experience had to be streamlined, and their website had to convey a clear message of support. 

We met with the representatives from Response Crisis Center and discussed how we could help them succeed in promoting their mission by creating a stronger brand identity that can be built on for years to come.

Same Mission, New Look

Our team presented Response Crisis Center with an array of cohesive assets, materials, and initiatives. This included a fresh brand style guide; the implementation of marketing initiatives; fundraising events; clear sponsorship media kits; print collateral; apparel designs; strategic Email campaigns; as well as a launch of a new website (, which offered the clear messaging and user experience that their online users needed.

Introducing Multi-Platform Assistance

We knew Response Crisis Center’s new website had to appeal to an online community consisting of a wide array of demographics. This meant that the site had to be efficient in both UI and UX, and demonstrate a responsive experience for mobile users. Our web-design for Response compartmentalized their information, offered new outlets for fundraising, highlighted Response-hosted events, and most importantly, gave the user an array of ways to reach out and get assistance, including on mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Spreading Awareness in Ink

To equip the Response Crisis Center with in-house materials, we created a selection of informational print collateral. The new business cards, posters, stationary, and informational pamphlets gave the Response team a polished method of requesting donations, promoting events, making connections with influential representatives, and effectively spreading awareness for suicide prevention throughout the state.

Getting Social With A Wider Demographic

We expanded Response Crisis Center’s engagement with the community by introducing social marketing strategies parallel to the mission of Response Crisis Center. Response’s social efforts now have the ability to reach more volunteers. The tools we have implemented have spread the word to community members that were previously unfamiliar with the help that Response offered. The creation of a Response Crisis Center Blog has allowed the team to organize volunteer programs, promote fundraising events, and offer helpful information on suicide prevention. The presence of Response on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has garnered the attention of an expanding demographic of Long Islanders from every age range.

Looking Forward With Response Crisis Center

Response Crisis Center has reintroduced itself as a trusted leader of suicide prevention, counseling and awareness. With confidence, they continue to reach more community members than they have in the past four decades. Response continues to expand, and open their arms to the community they love. The team of dedicated crisis center operators are constantly planning new events and offering opportunities for volunteers to open their hearts. We look forward to continuing the management of their brand for as long as they will have us. 

Note: During this process, Creative Director, Richard Zimmer graciously accepted a seat on the board of directors for Response Crisis Center.

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